A Vote for Yvonne Parks Is a Vote for:

  • Clean Safe Water
  • Lowest Possible Rates
  • Fairness In Representation
  • Keeping Our Water Supply A Reliable And Sustainable Resource
  • Dedicated Service
  • Justice For All
  • Clean & safe water.
  • Provide Fair and Realistic Foresight for the Future of DWA and our Water
  • ring All Water Provider Partners to the Table to Focus on Fair Goals for All Concerned
  • Focus on getting state water into our aquifer.
  • Good Water Qualitiy
  • Transparency, Inclusivity, and Integrity
Why would we want an agency which has it’s own retail service area to take over management of our service area? That’s a conflict of interest! It makes no sense. DWA is trying to do this over objections voiced by MSWD at their meeting. You can’t make decisions on our water without at least meeting with MSWD before going to the legislature to get this GSA status. No one is that saintly!
Water management is far more than dumping water into ponds. Water management is conservation, protecting the ground water and fighting DWA for the water DWA finally put into the ground after over 40 years of neglect.
MSWD has been the agency managing our water for decades. DWA has never managed our groundwater and we never invited them to manage our water.