About Yvonne Parks

Yvonne Parks

Yvonne retired in 1993 after 25 years with the State of California, working with the Employment Development Dept and Trade and Commerce Agency.
She and her husband moved to Desert Hot Springs in 1994.

She became active in her community almost immediately after settling in after the move. Her service to the community includes:

5 years on the Executive Committee of the DHS Chamber of Commerce,
President of the DHS Women's Club for 3 years, In 2003 she was elected DHS Citizen of the Year and VIP of the Year.

Served on the DHS Planning Commission 1997-1999 and again 20042005 as Vice Chairman ending when she was elected to City Council in Nov of 2005.

She was elected Mayor in 2007 and was re-elected in 2009 and 2011 and in representing the City of Desert Hot Springs was active throughout the Coachella Valley and served on many committees with many different organizations.

In 2015 was elected to DHS City Council to June 5, 2018 when she moved outside city limits and had to retire from the council.

DWA knows our water district voted to become part of DWA district for one reason: Bring water in from the state water project. That was it. DWA is a vendor to us. DWA think it was OK to convince the legislator he DWA think it was OK to convince the legislature to give DWA special privileges to take over us? Where they told that DWA was doing this in conflict with the very reason DWA with created?
We can’t believe that DWA is wasting so much money on litigation and forcin MSWD to take them to court just because they want to grab power. DWA just finished doing that with the Agua Caliente tribe! Is DWA using our tax payer money against our water district? There is something wrong with this. It’s like a hostile takeover and we aren’t going to stand for it.
What we have a problem with is the sneaky way DWA went about it. They never told our community what they were doing. DWA never told our water district. DWA never told the city. DWA never invited us to a meeting to talk about it. DWA told MSWD and City, “too bad,” and voted to take over management of our area despite requests not to. Since when is it OK for local government to be sneaky? DWA reminds me of Bell, California.