Guardian Of Our Water


Transparency, Inclusivity, and Integrity - Yvonne Parks for Desert Water Agency

Yvonne Parks for DWA

Dear friends,

As most of you are aware I am running for Director, Desert Water Agency.

I made this decision because it is imperative that the ratepayers in the jurisdiction of the Mission Springs District have representation on this Board.

Since the 1960's this jurisdiction has had taxation without representation.

It has worked fine until recent years.

The Desert Water Agency without consideration or discussion with MSWD, sent a lobbyist to Sacramento to get the designation of water manager of all waters in their jurisdiction.

This includes MSWD.

MSWD has been managing their water very well for the past 75 years. We have won gold, silver and bronze awards for the wonderful mineral springs and the pristine best tasting drinking water.

This designation for DWA also will disrupt the approval process of new development.

I don't want this to occur and I believe you don't either.

I am therefore asking for your VOTE on Nov. 6th.

Only with me on the Board would we have the representation needed to hopefully change this troubling agenda!!!!


My Experience:

  • 22 years in employment development department of California
  • 3 years doing economic development for Trade and Commerce Agency.
  • 20 year member of Desert Hot Springs Women's Club. Served as President for 3 years.
  • 5 years on the executive board of the Desert Hot Springs Chamber of Commerce.
  • 14 years in city government in the capacity of Planning Commissioner, City Council (2005 - 2006, 2015 - 2018) and six years as Mayor (2007 - 2014).
I believe in total transparency and that all ratepayers of DWA should have all the facts in order to understand having representation on the board for all.

A Vote for Yvonne Parks Is a Vote for:

  • Clean Safe Water
  • Lowest Possible Rates
  • Fairness In Representation
  • Keeping Our Water Supply A Reliable And Sustainable Resource
  • Dedicated Service
  • Justice For All
  • Clean & safe water.
  • Provide Fair and Realistic Foresight for the Future of DWA and our Water
  • ring All Water Provider Partners to the Table to Focus on Fair Goals for All Concerned
  • Focus on getting state water into our aquifer.
  • Good Water Qualitiy
  • Transparency, Inclusivity, and Integrity